Disability Court Date!

Just a quick update on my case:

As many of you know, I have been trying to get approved for Social Security Disability for a year and a half now. I was denied twice by the state of Virginia (Disability is a Federal program, but the approval process is through the State), and told I am not disabled and perfectly able to hold a full-time job. This, of course, is far from the truth. Even my doctors agree that I cannot work at all. How can I, when I can hardly walk, can’t stand up without falling over, and am in pain all of the time? Exactly! I got a lawyer after my first denial, and we were denied a second time. Then, we appealed the case and have just been waiting for a hearing date (to get a judge to reevaluate my case).

Just last week, my lawyer was able to secure a hearing date! I will be in court on September 2, 2009. Upon approval (PLEASE!), I will also be eligible for Medicaid, and then Medicare. The Disability and Medicaid/Medicare would help so much with paying bills, allowing me to get to the doctors, pay for medicines and supplements, etc. My doctors are backing me 100%, and they all have filed papers to help me. So, it will all be up to the judge! Only time will tell, but I am keeping positive and I have a good feeling about all of it.

When all of this is over, I will post info on the how I applied, the process, and any extra info I have that might help any of you. It is a very long, complex, frustrating application process – that seems very hopeless most of the time. Hopefully, mine will end with good news, but I will update all of you either way.



  1. Veronica

    I'll cross my fingers. I've just brought home the forms I need to fill out to get Disability too (I'm in Australia) and I'm hoping like crazy they actually pay attention to the fact that EDS is a disability in the more severe forms.


  2. Vegan Danielle Davis

    @Veronica:Thanks! I am taking all the positive energy I can get! I will keep my thoughts your way as well. I know, Bunny, another EDSer in South Carolina, USA – she just managed to get approval (so happy for her) – so there is hope! But, of course, it all depends on who the reviews your paperwork, what your doctors say, who the judge is, etc. So, hopefully I have all of my things in order and it is enough to prove to them that I am disabled. Yes, surely, the severe forms of EDS are completely disabling. My mother's EDS – which she hasn't been diagnosed with, but I am sure she either has mildly or is a carrier (recessive), since she has a lot of symptoms – she is bad, but certainly can still work. So, there are varying degrees – but when it is bad, it really is bad. My love to you!! Have a pain free (as much as possible!) day! xoxo


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Danielle, I recently signed up as one of your friends on YouTube. As a fellow EDS'er I can appreciate the pain and suffering that we face on a daily basis, and the struggle to work while having this disease.My doctor currently has me taking Tramadol and Zanaflex during work hours and then Vicodin ES 7.5/500's after work just to keep me from taking myself out.I constantly worry about the liability issues of driving a federal vehicle while under the influence of prescribed opiates, but how can we be expected to work without some assistance for these pains?Hopefully the judge will take all factors under consideration for you, such as the fact that you would have to be able to get to and from work as well as work in a medicated state and determine that the risks to your self and others does not justify turning you down again.I hope your week goes well and I will check your page from time to time!


  4. Gumby / Mommy Zebra

    Hi Danielle, I am sending a million good vibes your way! And will be thinking about you all day on Sept 2nd. I applied for Disability in June and just went for one of their Dr. appts today. Things seemed to go okay I guess…the guy didnt really want to touch me he was pretty much scared of me, he took one look at my subluxed shoulders and just mumbled exam defered….i thought it was rather funny! This is only my first try so we shall see. Good luck good luck good luck! Take care.Nicole


  5. Christa

    Thanks for responding to the post on Girl Dislocated!!!! It was my first dislocation of my shoulder, before I knew I had EDS, and I asked a friend to teach me to breakdance… he still speaks of the horror of watching it pop out… and me just screaming \”LEATHAL WEAPON\” as I raced toward a pillar and SLAM!I am definitely gonna read your blog now too. Very excited to hear I am not alone.I JUST started my application process for Social Security, so I am expecting the same ordeal and denials. I have been living on long term disability for 2 and a half years now… but I do not get much from that. Any advice or suggestions for the process is appreciated. I got a good lawyer… so here is hoping! What part of VA are you in…. I am Maryland in Rockville but spend a lot of time in VA. I have only met one other EDS patient in person, he was a friend before we found each other in a facebook EDS support group… he has the stretchy skin, where I got the bad joints… but I would love to keep in touch with someone else with it! Hope to keep in touch and will definitely read more here.Also… just a comment for all I just found a book called \”Issues and Management of Joint Hypermobility: A Guide for the Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Type\” By Brad T. Tinkle, and it is officially my bible… easy read… glossary of all meds and all terms… simple breakdown of all the problems… I highly recommend. Best of luck on your hearing!!!!


  6. Vegan Danielle Davis

    @Christa – hey sweets! I am WAY late in responding to all these comments! But – yes, you are welcome! Check out the newest posts on SSD, as I won the case (which you know), but posted all the info from the judge and everything. And, Dr. Tinkle's book is super wonderful! I link to it on my blog as well! And, I have a link to it in my 'store' on the blog also. Super easy read with lots of great info. 🙂


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