Keys, Purse, Sticky Heat Pads? Check, Check…CHECK!!

Have an aching joint or severe muscle spasms?

One thing I NEVER leave the house without…those silly sticky heating pads you can find at all the drug stores! If I have a night out planned, grocery shopping, etc., I have these babies plastered all over me. I normally have a few more in my purse, and I always keep a few in the glove compartment of my car! This means the movies, a music show, or hanging with the girls for a cup of coffee. They are a must.

Heat doesn’t really help me a whole lot as far as actually alleviating pain, but it certainly does help me not think about the pain as much. I will take it! I am allergic to latex, but most of them are latex free. I am also allergic to most adhesives, so it was trial and error finding brands that didn’t affect me as much. I can deal with a little itching and redness, but not the hives that some adhesives give me. And, some brands stick better than others; some brands stick so badly that I rip my skin off with the pad when removing them. My friend with EDS has to find the stickiest kinds because nothing sticks to her skin. I think everyone is different. All in all, in my opinion, they are a worthwhile investment! (These are not the mentholated hot patches, these are the kind that actually warm up, temperature wise.)

The downfall that I see – they aren’t very environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this is one thing I use anyway. I am usually pretty good about finding alternative things, but these buggers seem to do the trick. I can’t even concentrate with the severe pain otherwise. I bend for them.

If you are heading out, perhaps you should try a few of these, too! Hope they help!



  1. BubbleGirl

    After all the strange looks I've gotten over the years from the numerous doctors, nurses, techs, and tattooists when i say \”I'm allergic to adhesives\” it's nice to know I'm not alone. Certain adhesives, like those found on bandages, occasionally leave worse scars than the wound they were covering. Also… Yay heating pads! Though I have yet to find a brand I'm not allergic to, they still help with some things.


  2. Anonymous

    Omigosh I am SO allergic to adhesives! It's so bad that when I had my c-sections they used betadyne to prep and I was one mass blister a day later. Now I let everyone know I'm allergic to everything that goes on and stays on my skin. When I get a cut, I use that superglue stuff they make for cuts – no bandaids for me. Glue does okay surprisingly and I don't seem to be allergic to that. I wish I could use those sticky heat things. My husband uses them and swears they're great.


  3. stipeygirl75

    I do get some red welts from the adhesive at times. They fade in a couple days so to me – it's worth it for the pain relief. Once in awhile I'll stick it to my undershirt instead of directly on my skin.


  4. Vegan Danielle Davis

    @Bubble Girl – Yes, I hear you! I always get weird looks! Especially when it is just a bandaid or paper tape – they are like, \”this isn't sticky and you should be fine,\” then look at me like I am crazy and try to stick things on me anyway. LOL! Oh the joys of our skin! :PAnd, yes – sometimes they are really irritating, the heating pads – but I can't go out for long periods without them! Another comment mentioned sticking them to your undershirt and not your skin – I have done that (if they are sticky enough ones) and it works, too – so you could try that! πŸ™‚


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