This Girl Has Helped Raise EDS Awareness – Let’s Help Her Get On Glee!

Hello and good morning, dear friends! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I am certainly enjoying a break in the weather. It was snowing on Thursday, and will be again in a few days (ugh!), but for now it is almost 80 degrees and super sunny. I will take it!

It came to my attention that a friend of EDSers is auditioning to be on the new TV series Glee. I am very excited by this, as Glee happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine. I wait until the episodes post online and then devour them up. Yes, they are cheesy, and are certainly a break from my norm, but I just soak up all of the show choir bliss each week with open arms and jovial ears!

I first was introduced to Michala through YouTube. Another EDSer told me I might like her music (she is a talented young artist), and that I would be moved by her efforts to increase Ehlers-Danlos awareness. She is sweet and adorable 16-year-old from Canada. She does not have EDS, but has dedicated a lot of her time to increasing awareness anyway.

Today, I was informed that she wants to be on Glee; I think it is a perfect fit for her! And, for all of her efforts to help out our cause, we should reward her with one of her dreams! 🙂

Please vote for her by following the link below, and by clicking to give her a ‘gold star.’ Each person can vote up to 150 (yes, really) times a day, so if you have time to sit and vote, please click away! The more gold stars she gets, the more her chance of winning. She needs thousands more than she has right now, so your help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s her audition video:

VOTE for her HERE! (Scroll down and click ‘Give a Gold Star’)




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