Slow Feet, Quick Feet, Trick Feet, Sick Feet!

Hey, everyone! I hope you are having a better April than my right foot is! Haha! Two weeks ago, to the day, I decided it would be fun to fall off a step ladder, catch my foot in the second step, and completely twist it beyond any typical dislocation. For the last couple of weeks, I decided the best route, without insurance, would be to stay off of it and see if it got any better. Well, it didn’t.

I went to see and orthopedic foot and ankle doctor, and thank goodness I didn’t actually break anything. EDSers tend to not break bones anyway, but of course, we love to ruin our stretchy connective tissue even more, don’t we?! He said I overstretched everything in my foot and ankle, probably tore some ligaments and tendons, as well as nerves by my Achilles tendon and it will be a slow recovery. He recommended a walking boot, but then when he saw that I already had really awesome arch supports and ankle braces, he said that it would save me money and be just as effective to use those instead. I am to walk with a cane and put most of the weight on the cane, until I can stand more pressure on my foot.

I haven’t walked on my foot in two weeks, and it sure isn’t fun getting my ‘footing’ (haha!) again! He said it will take a couple of months to heal, if all goes well. I am to just start out slow, only using my foot occasionally, and using my wheelchair and crutches (oh yeah, those are fun for an EDSer! Not really!) the rest of the time. There is certainly a ton of pain, and the annoying part is from the nerve damage – pins and needles all along the back of my ankle and my heel, extending along the arch of my foot. He said this could take a very long time to heal, even longer than the other tissue. We will reassess my foot in a couple of months, unless there is significantly more pain or whatnot, in the meantime. For now, the cane, not a lot of walking, and one day at a time!

The really stinky part of all of it – the next morning I was heading to Portland for a vacation, which I had to cancel. Yuck! And, this will put a damper on some of the things I had planned for the summer. As they say, though, make some darned good lemonade out of these sour lemons, sit back, and enjoy the summer sunshine! I just have to remember that! And take Vicodin as I need it! LOL!



  1. BubbleGirl

    After falling down the stairs in September, I had to keep my ankle brace on until mid-February. I'm still not sure if it healed on its own, or if it was aided by the meds I was on at the time. They seemed to help a lot with joint stability.Hopefully you heal faster than me!Remeber, ice is your friend… and braces do need to come off to let the skin rest. I stll have a perma-bruise from my ankle brace. It's fairly faint now, but still visible.


  2. Samantha

    You poor thing! Being in pain and being stressed out is one of the worst feelings in the world, isn't it?I too have major issues with my feet and ankles. To make a long story short, after 11 surgeries (?–possibly more since I've lost count), I ended up having the talar-navicular joints fused in both feet. I'm not terribly happy with the limp I have been left with as well as the chronic pain, but I'm glad I had it done. No more dislocations!! Good luck–I hope your feet are fixed soon!


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