Bandages That Don’t Rip My Skin!

Best discovery of the week! I finally found a bandage I can use! For you EDSers, I am sure you avoid tape and Bandaids like the plague. I certainly do. Well, now at least I will have some for small cuts and tears. Walgreens carries a ‘Gentle’ bandage that is really that. They are latex-free as well. Woohoo! The adhesive still itches a bit, but it doesn’t make me break out in hives like some do. If I really need a bandage, I can deal with some mildly itchy skin, and it really isn’t all that bad. It isn’t a panacea, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a real option for one of our troubling problems!

I have never found another one like this. I have seen a few other bandage products that were labeled as being gentle, or for sensitive skin, but that never means anything. I mean, paper tape rips my skin. This bandage doesn’t seem to rip skin off, yet it does stay on my skin most of the time. Every so often, in a sweaty spot, it doesn’t stick all that well. If I find that it might be a little too sticky to peel off at changing time, I just use a little soap and water as I take it off. All in all, I am thrilled to pieces with this product! 🙂

For larger areas that need to be bandaged, I opt for gauze wrapped all the way around the limb or joint, etc., and then I wrap the whole thing with an elastic bandage. This way, nothing is touching my skin except the gauze pads. And, of course, I always have a bottle of liquid bandage too. It just isn’t like you can pop liquid bandage on to the bleeding blood draw site!

I have been keeping these gentle bandages in my house, in my car kit (the EDS kit I keep in the car for emergencies and the normal EDS issues), and I even keep a few in my wallet. This way, I am never without them, and if I pop in to get some blood tests I can bring my own bandage with me. I will never again worry about having the lovely thin skin on my inner elbow ripped completely off in the perfect shape of the paper tape the nurses try to use. Haha!

Oh – and here is another cool thing about these bandages: they are a cinch to put on, with their special packaging.

Take out of box.
Step 1: Peel Back at the #1 on wrapper.
The bandage stays attached to one side of the wrapper,
the backing stays attached to the other side.
Step 2: Press the wrapper with the attached bandage onto the wound.
Smooth it down.
Step 3: Peel the wrapper off. Voila!
There are two sizes they sell, the small is here and the large here.
Hope this helps some of you! If you don’t have a Walgreens nearby, you can order online from the links above.


  1. Sr. Heather

    Thank you for posting this! :-)My skin doesn't always rip from bandages, but it will turn red and stay red and thinned-out for about a week after I wear a bandage. The thing is, when my skin does tear for other reasons, I'd like to put a bandage on, but I'm not sure whether it would do more harm than good.I'm *definitely* going to check these out!


  2. Whistlestops

    thank you soo much for this! i am constantly having blood drawn and between the draw site itself, and the paper tape, the insides of my elbows look like mini war zones! I try to switch arms often, but still I never have enough time to heal. having a good bandaid should really help!


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Emma, I bought some from Walgreens about a month ago. You may just need to talk to a store and see if they can ship them to you if you don't have one local to you – otherwise, your local should be able to order them for you. Just make sure it's an exact match (and has the Quiw Strip logo on the box) to the one posted on this site as they did change the name and it took me awhile (and a few crappy other bandages) to figure out it was renamed to this one.


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