First Aid for the Car

Out at the store and shoulder starts bothering me? Ankle gets swollen? Decide to spend a few hours in the sun? It’s okay, if I have my first aid kit handy. I have everything I need in one place, and it follows me wherever I go. I wanted to share something I have found very helpful – keeping important EDS & POTS items handy in a “car kit”.

My kit is sorted into a handy bag, so if someone else is driving, I just grab it and take it with me. It is small enough to fit on the floor in the backseat, complete enough to have heat, cold, and all of my meds, and helpful enough to give me a quick fix to get my blood sugar up if need be.

I found the perfect bag by Lily Bloom that is made from recycled soda bottles; though, I think it is actually intended to be a lunch sack. I love the large top pouch which fits heat patches and sunscreen, and the bottom zippered part holds the typical first aid gear. You may find that you want to add additional items to yours, or that my list is way too detailed for you, but check out my contents and have fun making a car kit of your own. Hope this helps keep you organized and in less pain while you are on the go!

  1. ACE Bandage
  2. Bandages (latex-free; I like the “gentle” ones!)
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Gas-X
  5. Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen
  6. Antihistamine (like Benadryl)
  7. Wound cleaner
  8. Butterfly stitches (for those whose skin rips open easily)
  9. Paper tape (I like the kind that is on a tape dispenser)
  10. “Vet” tape/Cohesive wraps
  11. Gauze
  12. Heat therapy patches
  13. Instant cold/ice packs
  14. Pen & paper
  15. Mirror
  16. Chapstick with SPF
  17. Extra meds (like POTS meds, pain meds, bipolar meds, etc.)
  18. Tampons/pads
  19. Pocket knife/scissor/tweezers or combo tool
  20. Sunscreen (change out every 6 months to maintain SPF ratings)
  21. Tissues
  22. Nail clippers
  23. Granola bars
  24. Pretzels or something salty (if you have POTS)
  25. Fruit snacks (or something to raise blood sugar)
  26. Small bottle of water (sealed well)
  27. Anything else you might need!
Yes – you can be more organized than me and keep everything in a separate bag/baggie/container, but this seems to do the trick for me! I always just make sure to bring it with me wherever I go, and if I use something, I replace it right away. Happy and safe travels!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Melissa

    That is a long list… a few of these things I keep in my purse(tiny backpack to distribute weight evenly). Bandaids, pads, pill counter for the wk, anything I find useful in the \”travel\” isle… Under my car seat I keep one of those 24pk water bottles, I can always reach back and grab one w/o even swerving, and it saves half your bill at Taco Bell πŸ˜‰ It's not very portable tho. Snack bars are a great idea. Water and snack bars get you a long way πŸ™‚ I have been carrying crutches in my back seat for a while now, ever since having to stand 3hrs at an Obama rally… they'd be good if I fall and bump my knee, I'm prone to things like that. Perhaps I should put some wrist splints to go with those 'cause I'm not supposed to bear weight on my hands… I prefer to stay in my car if possible, even if someone else(with a license!) has to drive, my insurance is great and I'm allergic to the sun, my windows are tinted dark and it doesn't take long for me to notice the sun beating down on me in someone else's car. With winter coming, water and snack bars are good things to have in case you get stranded! I also have a mini retractable shovel in my trunk. It gets a little snowy up here and I'm a little obstinate about staying home in it sometimes. I like sledding in my Kia and I'm sure it'll never go in the ditch πŸ˜‰


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