“Sleeping on a cloud with angel dust!”

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in bed. For the “normal” person, a third of the day is spent is bed, but add to it days that you aren’t feeling well, dislocate something and can’t walk, are really fatigued, or have a POTS flare, that adds up to many, many hours spent on a mattress. For years, I was sleeping on a horrible mattress. I kept the bed I had my entire youth for a few years after high school, then I just had whatever mattress was on the cheaper side at the store. This certainly affected me in many ways, from lack of sleep to additional pain. A good bed is essential to getting good rest, and also affects back pain and body pain throughout the day. After years of sleeping on partners’ beds, beds that I bought cheap, beds that were 20 years old, I decided it was time to make a big purchase – and I couldn’t be happier.

Meeko puts up with a lot! Haha!

I looked around for quite a while, and I was overwhelmed by the choices on the market. I had narrowed my selection down to a memory foam mattress or a Sleep Number mattress, but was having a hard time choosing which one. In the end, I decided the memory foam would be the best for my body. I have problems with pressure on joints while I sleep, and I also tend to dislocate things while I am sleeping. I wanted a bed that would take some of the pressure off of my body – something that felt like I was sleeping on a cloud – and I was really hoping the perfect mattress might ease some of the back pain I experience. So, memory foam it was; but, which memory foam??

There are a ton of memory foam beds on the market. Costco sells memory foam mattresses for really cheap, Tempurpedic seems to make the “best” ones on the market, and there were a ton of mattresses in between. I tried a bunch and tried to compare them all, but it was hard not being able to sleep on them to really form an opinion.

I stayed with my brother one night, and he has a knock-off cheap version of the Tempurpedic at his place. It was pretty inexpensive for memory foam, and it was also a pretty firm memory foam. I have never hurt worse from a mattress, not even when sleeping on a 20-year-old one. It took “forever” to “sink” into the bed. Every time I rolled over, I would be laying on a new part of the bed. The mattress would have to warm up with my body temperature and then the bed would give way and mold to my body just a hair. An entire night of laying on rock hard bed until each spot would warm up, then allow my leg or arm or hip to sink in, this left my joints aching terribly. My knees were slipping out all night long. (This is rather hard to explain, but hopefully you get the point = BAD bed.) I found this to be the case with most of the knock-off beds, especially the stiffer ones.

At this point, I felt like Tempurpedic was my only option, and one of the softer ones. The problem, the higher end Tempurpedics were VERY expensive. I was willing to take the good amount I had saved to get a mattress, but these were just out of my price range. Then, I remembered a commercial I had seen with some weird quirky lines and people dropping eggs on beds, and I was hoping these beds were less expensive and also just as good or better than the Tempurpedic.  After checking, the good thing, these beds were a lot more inexpensive. The beds also weren’t memory foam. They were space blobs with angel dust mixed in. Ha! I was going to be able to get top of the line everything with a loan from Grams! The beds: Purple Beds. The info on the site seemed great, and the customer service staff at the phone number were friendly and helpful. I finally had decided on a mattress, the Purple Split Cali King with the power base. The reason the base was so important, was that I can’t sleep lying flat because my back pain spikes if I do. so I would just sleep at the zero gravity setting, back and knees raised just slightly. Also, it adapts to your pressure points. I have severe pressure points while I am sleeping.

I was a bit nervous ordering a bed online. I was even more nervous that I couldn’t try the bed ahead of time. They have a 100-night risk free trial – sleep on the bed and if you don’t like it, send it back. Easy as that. I felt a bit more comfortable knowing that I wasn’t completely locked in if the bed turned out to be as horrible as my brother’s.

Bed arrived, unpacked, and I was…floating on a cloud with the angels! It was a dream come true. I still have problems sleeping, and I still have aches and pains, but this bed has truly made a difference in my life. I can sleep for longer periods of time without hurting, my dog can roll over and walk around and it doesn’t wake me up, the beds absorbs the movement and I don’t feel it. I have less back pain after sleeping, and it was really noticeable when I first got the bed. Yes, my back pain is still bad, unbearable at times, but I really feel like this mattress did make a difference. And, I feel like it puts NO pressure on my joints when I sleep, no matter if I am on my side, back or tummy. I do get enough support, but also enough softness to not feel that “pressure” pain I often do while laying on a bed or couch.

I am in love with my mattress. A friend bought one after my recommendation and also loves it. He is just as happy as I am. He doesn’t have EDS, but lots of us share the bed at night, and it is good to know that our partners or spouses might equally love the bed as well. I am not a paid spokesperson, ha! I am not trying to get them customers, although I would definitely send anyone their way. I am just a gal with EDS that has finally found a bed that I am happy – ecstatic – with, and I am excited to share it with anyone else in the market for a mattress.

Here’s to happy sleeping!!

Visit the: Purple Beds website



  1. Appleshoe

    Your puppy is adorable and I am jealous. My husband and I just got a new bed. I wanted the Tempurpedic Cloud but he did not like the memory foam so we got a cheep end coil and box spring. Now I'm spending half my nights on the couch 😦 Take care.


  2. Sar

    Question… now that you've had the bed for over a year, are you still loving it? I bought a cheap knock-off memory foam mattress a few years ago and it was great at first, but quickly became unbearable. So, is your bed still working great for you? If so, could you email me your referral link so you get the $50 if/when I can save up the money to buy the mattress? Thank you! (my email is: sarapture @ gmail. com –no spaces)


  3. Melissa

    Hi! I'd also love to know if you still are loving your bed. And the referral link. 🙂 I also have HEDS and have tried everything! I'm currently using a 2.5\” memory foam topper from Costco on a cheapo-Ikea twin mattress. No bueno. You can email me at melissa.bentley@ gmail.comTHank you!!!


  4. Alsia timon

    Memory foam mattress topper is such a good invention in a sleeping stuff, there are many people who are suffer from the sleep apnea, back pain and other diseases which is cause by not getting a complete sleep at night. The memory foam mattress is the one of the best product s, which helps you to get a complete sleep at night and stay healthy in your daily life, the memory foam mattress are very soft and comfortable and they can be used by the any age of people, who are suffer from this type of un healthy condition cause by sleep.


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