Taken aback!

I was surprised today when my wonderful chiropractor told me to start wearing a back brace, though I am not sure why. Telling me to wear a brace is like telling me to brush my teeth – nothing out of the norm! Ha! I am curious to see if it helps with my back pain; the doc seems to think it might. Fingers crossed!

Do any of you have luck with back braces to ease any of the chronic muscle spasms? What about to help with spine/ribs slipping out of place?

Stiffly wishing you a good night full of rest and peace.


  1. SheGetitFromHerMomma

    Hey! I follow your blog! I have HEDS, I have a big problem with my ribs subluxing/dislocating, especially the 1st one… I occasionally wear a back brace I have severe scoliosis, I had T3-L1 fused when I was little. (I actually ironically sell back braces as well)They are the most comfortable one's I've tried, they are much softer than most of the ones I've tried. I hope yours works for you! The best advice I can give is to not rely on it completely, just as support. Its easy for muscles to atrophy if we don't use them! Good luck!


  2. naomi

    Hi this is naomi, i have EDS 3. I wear a back brace a lot lately tho i can only wear it for incriments at a time (1hr or so) because sometimes i find it triggers spams. My body is very touchy. It does help relive spams and pain tho. I have a lot of spams from my silly SI joints always being loose plus my lower back. Bracing is def. a hard thing for me to figure out sometimes. I am going to see an orthotist for the first time tomorrow to get advice on best types and brands of bracing. I am so small sometimes i think they are just wrong sizes for me and i have never had any help from docs to figure it out. Just ordered pediatric neck brace to wear at night. AT night and sitting is when things move around as im sure you know also. Even just one thing out like my left SI joint affects my nervous system a lot and the rest of my body. My left leg will sometimes become inches longer than the other. Doing aqua PT to help strengthen but its still a battle with spams because of my body reacting to movement. I think thats nervous system related and the proprioception problems. Hope the brace helps you a lot! I hate back pain! My SI dysfunction will often affect my legs to form the nerve impingment. GOOD Luck! Love your blog btw. Hope to email you sometime soon. Your post on the conference was very helpful for me and my mom.


  3. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a rib slipping out of place. This is something that only chiropracters believe in. If you were to ask any DO/MD or anyone who has ever studied anatomy, it would be impossible for your ribs to simply slip out of place. If you look at what is published about back braces, it shows that they do the work for your back thereby making your muscles weaker, not stronger. DO you remember a few years ago seeing all the back braces in places like Home Depot? Notice how you don't see them anymore?


  4. Appleshoe

    Hi. Anonymous is partially right.. I wore a back brace when I was younger to help with the pain in my spine, and it did help. However, it also made my back muscles weaker. It got to the point where I had to wear it constantly or it would hurt. Now I only wear one when it is completely intolerable to go without. I know how hard it is with EDS but it is much better to strengthen the muscles then to use a crutch.


  5. Teigan

    I'm currently waiting on my orthopedic appointment to roll around so I can start the process of acquiring a back brace. What kind of brace do you have, and how do you like it so far? Any information would be helpful for this first visit with the doc. Thanks!


  6. Kim

    Funny after I moved back to Reno knowing i have EDS, I had a back injury – Upper back – my family doc. just doesnt get it. i really need the brace, but I guess i have to buy it out of pocket because my doc wont prescribe it. He also just does not understand the pain involved. is there ANY doctor in Reno who understands EDS? I cannot find one single one.


  7. Kim

    Funny after I moved back to Reno knowing i have EDS, I had a back injury – Upper back – my family doc. just doesnt get it. i really need the brace, but I guess i have to buy it out of pocket because my doc wont prescribe it. He also just does not understand the pain involved. is there ANY doctor in Reno who understands EDS? I cannot find one single one.


  8. Jill

    I have EDS and POTS, and it is interesting because I was prescribed the same brace- not for my back but for my POTS. Similar to compression stocking, my Doc believes I am pooling blood in my abs/organs rather then my legs. I wear the brace and it actually seemed to bring my pulse down a bit.


  9. gigi

    Hi, I am sure that anonymous has studied anatomy as a physician or nurse, but people have anomalies that allow certain parts of the body not to react as you have learned with anatomy 101. Ehlers Danlos causes subluxations to occur all the time. If you don't beleive it, just ask someone who is loose jointed to show you. If someone had an illness that you had studied and you had an answer that made sense, then we would be happy to learn from you. Unfortunately for people like us; most physicians haven't updated their skills and knowledge about diseases that have been diagnosed or misunderstood until the 1990's. I am sure that many haven't taken refresher courses on them because they rarely see a patient with the disorder and when they do they blow them off as being physcogenic and they don't get to see a specialist who would understand the disease unless the patient travels for miles and use the own money to see a doctor who specializes in the disease. There are very few. People are in pain and misunderstood by doctors, friends and family. They are humiliated by people who tag them as addicts and hypochodriacs and help to ruin their self esteem.I wish more people understood this horrible disease. It is so unkind and so unpredictable.My life has changed so much and I haven't even gotten a good diagnosis as of yet because we don't have any specialist here that understand the disease. Unfortunately, I have passed it on to my children and my grandson unknowingly. I just hope that we can find a cure or better help before they start to have more symptoms.Our joints move in ways that most do not. For instance, does your sternum pop in and out on occasion? I doubt it. Does your rib clamp down on your lung causing SOB when it is in spasm? I doubt that too. Stick to your normal anatomy and review the abnormalites as well before making a blanket statement. gigi


  10. MJ

    My daughter was given a abdominal binder for her POTS but she can't put it on without throwing her back into spasms.What kind of doctor treats EDS? I think my dauhgter could beneift from wearing splints but the POTS doctor said their isn't anything that can be done and that doesn't sit well with me.


  11. AlohaChick

    I agree, Anonymous doesn't know his/her head from his/her ass. If you did just a little research on rib slipping syndrome on the web you would find several journaled articles, xrays, and articles explaining what happens when one rib slips down onto another. I also have HEDS and experience the same symptoms of SOB due to the severe restriction in my rib cage from my ribs slipping onto one another and yes I have experienced the dismissive nature of doctors who are unfamiliar with this anomaly along with being labeled with psychogenic illness all due to their ignorance. I've also brought up rib slipping syndrome to several doctors and provided documentation that I've gotten online that supported this condition and still have been dismissed with the attitude that there's really nothing that they can do for me because of the laxity in my tissues due to the EDS. Yet when I read that corticosteroid injections can often relieve the pain and if bad enough surgical intervention can often correct the slipping by tightening the lax tissue it infuriates me that they won't even consider these interventions. It is only because they don't understand the toll that this condition can take on the body. Please look into this syndrome further for yourself and don't let those who are ignorant and often arrogant deter you from being knowledgeable and advocating for yourself to seek proper diagnosis and care. You will find that one in a million doctor who can think outside of the box who will provide you with the care that you need and deserve.


  12. Anonymous

    I was just diagnosed with eds recently. My ribs slip in and out all the time. In fact the worst one so far that popped out of place, my family doc had to put it back in place. It is very painful! My family doc also recommended getting genetic testing done. This will allow them to see what collagen parts in my connective tissues are causing the problem and for proper treatment. The only downfall so far is that it takes several months to get in for the appointment.


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