Results from Banjo Trial

For those of you who are new readers, a little over a month ago I started a trial of Dr. Steve’s Banjo, a homeopathic treatment for a host of things ranging from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue, arthritis to chronic pain. I was hoping for a positive outcome, hoping to see some relief for my symptoms, especially the pain. Unfortunately, my results are in and they aren’t positive. After working directly with Dr. Steve for over a month without any real results, we have come to the conclusion that if I haven’t already started showing improvement, it is unlikely that I will; I have made the decision to stop taking Banjo.

Dr. Steve was helpful, kind, and wonderful to me throughout this process. There has been great success in treating just fibromyalgia or just arthritis, according to Dr. Steve’s studies, but my combo of EDS and fibromyalgia didn’t have the same results. I am disappointed, since the thought of a homeopathic treatment that would alleviate pain and fatigue sounded so amazing, but alas, this is not my panacea. On to the next big thing!

Lots of love!


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