Is that a Bullet Proof Vest or a Heating Pad?

As you know, I am hoping to get the Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted soon, which will hopefully help the pain in my lower back and flank area. However; I have lots of pain in my upper back and neck area that won’t be relieved by the SCS. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is to blame, of course. Lots of pain in the area is in the form of muscle spasms that occur from the scapula sliding around. My body tries to hold my shoulder blades in place by creating spasms all around the area, and while the body’s logic might be on track, my shoulders still sublux or dislocate and the daily pain from the spasms alone can be very intense. I am sure you all know what I am talking about!

Laying on a heating pad tends to help this pain, along with the myriad of pain killers and muscle relaxers I take, and so that is typically what I resort to. No amount of natural stuff, stretching, massage (the little bit I can afford), etc., has been of any help. What do I do when I don’t want to stay laying on my back, in bed, hooked to the heating pad for hours? I try the heat in the microwave heating pads, some I have even done posts on in the past since they help the neck or the lower back a bit, but they never can reach the exact areas I need around my scapula and in the mid-to-upper back area. And while the stick-on patches can help with some things, they never provide deep enough heat or can fit the entire area for this mid-to-upper back pain. Until now, I have been left out of ideas.

A fellow EDSer recently pointed me in the right direction, and I was so excited to try this new find. This new heating pad was rather expensive though (around $69 before shipping), so I added it to my list of items to purchase down the road when I could afford them. Low and behold, a UPS man knocked at my door a couple days ago and dropped off a surprise package from my amazing girlfriend…my new heating vest! (Thank you, Girlfriend!) It can be worn two ways, one to heat your neck and upper back area, and the other to heat your mid-back area. It provides moist heat, the best kind to penetrate deep into the muscles, and only requires being popped in the microwave for a few minutes, or it can be frozen and used as a cold compress. (I do realize microwaves aren’t fantastic things to have around, but I do use them to heat up my heating pads, since all of the ones I like cannot be heated in the oven.) I find it stays hot for about twenty minutes, on average, and can be reheated again in just a couple of minutes. It can be worn while walking around or doing activities – it doesn’t have to be plugged in. And, the best part, it seems to hit my “trouble spots” perfectly. Without further adieu, check it out!

The heat “cells” are on the mid-back here.
You can see the “cells” on the mid-back area.
Flipped over, the thicker area here shows the heat
“cells” in the upper-back and neck area.
The heat “cells” in the upper-back/neck area.
Upper-back and neck area.
I am wearing a size small, which is still a bit big on me. They only come in two sizes, this is the smallest one. It still reaches the areas I need it to, so it works for me! Spot clean only. It must be aired-out for 4 hours when done with it for the day, and it can be stored in the mesh bag that comes with it. It’s available at Relax the Back stores or on their website. I am thrilled with my new heating vest, and I hope it helps some of you, too!
much love and light!
*As always, I’m not getting paid to promote this, just sharing a great product to help those with EDS find some relief!


  1. naomi

    thanks for posting about the heating pad. having a terrible time as well with upper body and lower body spasms and trigger points. mine i think is worse from weather changes and hormones. We ahve a relax the back store in town and im going to go see if they have some in store! so excited. The heating pad i have now for moist heat is way to small. hang in there and good luck with the cord stim. HUGS-Naomi


  2. Kevin1991

    Hey Danielle. I tried to leave a comment before and I guess it didn't work. I have EDS and I do a lot of research. I think we have a lot to talk to you about, please email me!(double posted, had an old username that was a little inappropriate aha)


  3. BubbleGirl

    That looks absolutely wonderful! I'm going o have to see how much they'll charge to ship to me!Isn't it nice to have such amazingly helpful friends? Sending Happy Thoughts your way!BubbleGirl


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