Washoe County Schools Approve EDS Posters!

Part of my goal for Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month was to get posters put up at the schools in the area. In order to put a flyer or poster up at any school in the district, the school district’s communications office must approve them first. My goal was also to get them up as soon as possible, since some of the schools would only be in session for May and part of June; though, some are year-round. Luckily, a very nice guy in the communications department helped me out and quickly pushed the posters through the approval process.

Just to give you an idea, there is only one county in the area where I live. All of Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas are all part of Washoe County, NV, which makes them all part of the Washoe County School District. I got approval to put the EDS posters up, the ones I spoke of in the last post, in any and all of the schools – elementary, middle and high schools!

I was going on vacation for most of May, so I had just a couple of days to complete this task, and all of this was done out-of-pocket, so I was only able to do what was within my means. In the elementary schools, I stuck the posters up in the office area or on the parents’ bulletin board, in the middle schools I tried to stick them in the office or clinics, and in the high schools they went up in the halls and in the student relations offices. It was a lot of work, took funds that I normally use toward medical care, and wore me out/was hard on my body, but I am happy with what I was able to do. These are schools in the area I grew up in, which made it even more special. Anyway, I wanted to share! Happy EDS Awareness Month!!

 Yvonne Shaw Middle School
Spanish Springs High School
 Miguel Sepulveda Elementary School
 Edward C. Reed High School
 Jerry Whitehead Elementary School
 Lou Mendive Middle School
 Diedrichsen Elementary School
Marvin Moss Elementary School
 Earl Wooster High School
Reno High School
 Lena Juniper Elementary School
 George L. Dilworth Middle School
 Greenbrae Elementary School
Edward W. Van Gorder Elementary School


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