Smiles and Pajamas

Hi, friends! Sorry for the break in posts, it has been a very busy few months. I have lots of updates and posts I am working on and will get them up soon, but until then I may just post a few random things. Today’s randomness: zebra pajamas. Target (United States) currently is carrying these adorable (and ridiculous!) zebra PJs by Nick and Nora. I think they are the perfect addition to your collection of lounge clothes. They are comfy and cool for the summer, feature spaghetti strap tops and capri bottoms and weren’t too expensive…around $20. For all of the female zebras that follow the blog, enjoy!

Note: I normally wear a women’s (not junior’s) size small or medium. These run a little large, so I opted for small. I have washed and dried them, they did shrink a bit, and now they fit perfect. This is nice, as they will hopefully fit all sorts of body sizes and shapes – they went all the way up to XL. I buy a lot of second-hand clothes and frequent the vintage/funky thrift stores, but pajamas are something I buy at regular stores, so these were a fun find.

Hope you are enjoying your summer and having a blast taking in the sunshine and warmth! Lots of love, hugs and light to you all.



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