EDS Learning Conference 2012

As usual, I have been terrible at keeping up with the blog, but I plan on getting back to it this fall. I have been spending my time with my darling family and enjoying as much of summer as I can before the weather gets cold again. I started therapy/counseling for PTSD a couple months ago, which is going well, though I don’t have much to write about as of yet. My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma, which was a shock and has put emotional strain on me and the rest of the family, but I am trying to keep positive and strong. Of course, I have a giant stack of things related to EDS, POTS, Bipolar II, and PTSD that I want to tell you all, but my lackluster effort seems quite evident. I am setting a goal to join you in the blogosphere again in the next couple months.

I have gotten a last-minute gifted trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend the 2012 EDS Learning Conference put on by EDNF from a fellow EDSer; what a fantastic and wonderful surprise! Yippee! This golden ticket landed in my lap this morning, so I am trying dearly to rest up and then pack as I leave the day after tomorrow. I couldn’t be more grateful; the conferences are invaluable, but also have a hefty price attached between the registration, hotel accommodations, and travel expenses, and I didn’t think I would be able to catch another one for many years. As you might recall, I went to the 2010 conference and learned a great deal and was able to share that with you. I will do the same this time around, making use of this opportunity to help those of you who aren’t able to attend. It may take a while to transcribe and get them posted, but I will put up notes and photos as soon as I am able. Stay tuned for my updates.

A lot has changed over the last couple of years, including falling in love, moving to Ohio, gaining 3 more family members (3 cats) and a future wife, and most recently, an adoption of yet another furry kid. So, I leave you with Meeko’s sister, Raina, our adopted daughter who learned very quickly that the best seat in the house is on Mommy’s heating pad…

Be well!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey! I really wish I had posted on your page last week since you were on today… However I wasn't having a good day and was exhausted after work and decided the best thing would be to sleep. I live in Columbus (moved here for similar reasons last fall) and EDS type 3 and POTS diagnosises as well. I've been seeing Dr Grubb in Toledo for the past 10 years whose specializes in POTS. I've been having a rough time recently and would love to talk to someone to see if maybe I'm just over analyzing or worrying about things. It's hard to talk to my partner or even my friends sometimes cause they don't \”see\” anything wrong with me except that some days I can't get of the couch. Anyways other than my nine year old half sister I don't think I've ever really truly met with someone who had these diagnosises as well, but I remember how much perspective I got while in therapy, I was hospitalized for about four months in college, just from talking to people with similar trauma/depression/anxieties. Ive never posted on these sites before so I don't know if there's a way of giving you my email or number without making that public information but if you wouldn't mind an exchange I'd really appreciate it- thanks, RachelI might be able to figure out one of the passwords to the different types of accounts that can be used to post here but Im going to post under anonymous right now just so I don't get distracted and forget like last week


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