Talking to the Doc about IV Fluids for POTS

Hey friends and fellow POTSies…

Are you thinking about IV saline for your Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome symptoms? Do you have friends that get IV fluids and have you interested in taking the first step? Do you want to know how IV fluids can help POTS? Well, if you said yes to any of these, this post is for you! I am on the journey myself, and I thought I would share the process.

2010 marked the first year I had heard that IV fluids could be of help to someone who has POTS; a researcher that was presenting at the EDNF EDS Learning Conference spoke of her success with fluids and immediately I was interested. Unfortunately, my doctor wasn’t. She said, with a stern face, “No way.” I just let it be, as I had other things I was focusing on at the time, and forgot about it for about a year. Then I started my search into how exactly I could go about getting IV saline, and it turned out to be a long battle that is slowly resolving — and, I might be on the saline train soon!

The quick summary: fluids can increase your blood volume, trick your body into thinking there is more blood, then your body stops freaking out and you feel better. Simple as that.

Here is all of the info I could gather to help you in your journey, or so you can follow along with me and see if it works before trying it yourself. I am happy to be your medical guinea pig (though, I am a willing participant and would never actually encourage testing on a little rodent)!

My two recommendations:

  1. Watch my video.
  2. Read POTSgrrl’s guide on POTS and IV Saline. Seriously, her blog post will be your most useful tool, providing you info to bring with you to your doctor.

Information you might find useful:

Enjoy and good luck!



  1. Anonymous

    When my neuro said no and made me feel a little hypocondriacal, I too gave up the idea, but with this I'm ready to approach it again. Thank you! Erin (EDS, Complex Chiari, POTS, and too much else to list!).


  2. Kate Garrison

    Hey, my name is Kate and I have pots and eds. I am looking into getting a port at home. My cardiologist that I have now will not even let me bring up the option. I gave him some research about having infusion therapy at home and he wouldn't even look at it. I went to the ER last night for 2 infusions. The nurse that I had said I need to go through an internal med doctor to get the port. I am having no luck finding an internal medicine doctor that is familiar with eds and/or pots. I live in Des Moines, Ia. Please help!Sincerely,Desperate potsie


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Kate you want to see Dr. Blair Grubb world renowned he identified POTs he can help you or Dr. Laura Murphy both at the University of Toledo College of Medicine they specialize in POTs – Dr. Murphy trained under Dr. Grubb people travel from all over the USA to see them I have POTs too.


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