Proclamations Make May 2013 EDS Awareness Month in Nevada, Ohio, & Oregon!

As you know by now, I strive to get proclamations passed each year by the Governors in states that hold a place in my heart. This year, I got to work early and now have official documents in hand from three states: Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon. Nevada’s Governor Sandoval, in my home state, passed the proclamation making May 2013 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month for the fourth year in a row. Ohio’s Governor Kasich passed our EDS Awareness Proclamation for the third year in a row, in the state I now reside. And, for the first time ever, Governor Kitzhaber of Oregon passed the EDS Awareness Proclamation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I dedicate the Oregon EDS Awareness Proclamation to my EDS bestie who lives in Oregon, Shellie, and her beautiful family. Tomorrow, I will post info on what you can do locally to help spread awareness and what activities you can organize or participate in where you live. Hope you all are well and having a low pain day!


  1. Anonymous

    Bunny O on FB here. I was in the FB group for EDS Proclamations, but it looks like I got thrown out. I JUST got a response back from my state and they want me to write a draft for the proclamation. Basically they want me to write it. Lol Can you throw me back into the group? I would like to go over the wording with you or whoever that can help me! Thanks!!!!!


  2. Vegan Danielle Davis

    Bunny – I am sorry you were thrown out…not sure why, but I don't make those calls. Congrats on getting that far in your state! 🙂 What state, if you don't mind my asking? 🙂 Here is the sample text that I used for 2 of mine, the third, I just shortened it a bit. This is the text on NV's and OH's, though, and is perfect. Just update it with your state's info! 🙂 Hope this helps! xoxo


  3. Anonymous

    Bunny O- Yeah Im not sure what happened either since I JUST joined a day or two ago. But I appreciate you sending me the link! I reside in Florida, so I know I saw in the group document something like Florida doesn't do state proclamations, only county ones. So I remember asking on the group page about that because I was confused about it (never asked for a proclamation before so I'm trying to figure it out). I don't know what will end up happening but if I DO get it for the entire state, I'll post it here. If you could let the group know that Florida is in the works, I'd appreciate it. 🙂 Have a good day!!!


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