Giveaway: Silver Ring Splint

Hi, everyone! If you notice at the top of the site, there is a new tab for my artwork and the store is fully stocked with EDS and PoTS friendly items! 🙂

I have decided to do a few giveaways…the first being the biggest! I am giving away a very gently used Silver Ring Splint for the thumb, originally made by Silver Ring Splint Company. It can be used for the left or right hand and is a size 8 1/2. Please make sure the size is alright before you enter the contest. You can use a ring sizer, make sure 8 1/2 will fit over your knuckle and not be too big. But, this will save you one hundred-ish dollars, so well worth your sizing efforts! This splint, in particular, guards your right lower (closer to your wrist) thumb joint. This joint is the one that goes out on me when I pick up a grocery bag, things like that that use grip.

The splits are wonderful, but I had surgery on my right hand to fix my thumb and so I don’t need my right splint anymore (again, this can be used on right or left side). I will probably be having the surgery on my other side (and will post about the great surgery) so you might have a chance to win another splint in the future!

For those of you that would like to see the splint in action, here’s a really old video of me demoing the splints:

In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog with your email in the upper right-hand corner of the page and comment below. You must subscribe and comment to be eligible. If you have already subscribed, let me know in the comment. I will randomly draw a winner on August 1st and announce it on the blog the same day. That’s it. Easy and free.

Good luck!


  1. TurnMion

    This is exactly what I need! I had trouble getting my OT to order me one last year when I had met my out of pocket max and now it is too expensive.I have a swan neck splint that is an 8.5 and it slides over my thumb knuckle with only a little snugness. So I think your should work.Congrats on the successful surgery! Nice to know that can work if I get to that point.And thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this!


  2. Kristin

    I'm so happy to hear for you that you no longer need the splint. I saw a hand surgeon here and it was a waste of time. my hands limit me from 50 % of things I could maybe do considering the neck back stuff so I would LOVE to hear about your surgery. They couldn't give me a good splint solution because all jonts in my thumb are bad 😦


  3. Lael Youngblood Tallini

    What a generous gift! This would fit me perfectly and be so much better than the Velcro contraption I'm using now. How kind of you to give it away. I'm so happy for you that you no longer need it! Good luck to all the participants!


  4. FaceRadiance

    XO! This would be the perfect size! I am not a candidate for surgery and it would allow me to sew again! A dream come true as I can't afford to get splints. My thumb needs this so badly! I'm already subscribed on my yahoo account. Do you need that address? THANK YOU and G-D BLESS YOU!


  5. Jennifer Reeves

    I just signed up for the e-mails, and I'd love to win the contest 🙂 I was just measured for ring splints the other day, and my thumb will fit the one you are giving away. I hope I win, and if not, I'll be happy for whomever wins, as I'm sure they need it as much as I do. Thanks for writing your blog and spreading awareness about chronic illness and EDS.


  6. Sari Valda

    Hello! I love reading you blog and already subscribe with my email ( and would love to enter the contest. I've had issues getting approval for any of the splints from my therapist, who doesn't understand EDS or the issues I've been having with my wrists or fingers. Thank you for thinking to bless someone else – so happy to hear that your surgery has gone so well!!!! Blessings from a fellow zebra,Sarah (aka Sari) 🙂


  7. Gabi

    Thankyou for the video explaining the splints! I have the oval-8 ones to see if splinting will help and they are great. I am planning on getting some silver ring splints. The info for why the extra strength is helpful as is the info on the fact that they take some getting used to. Additional info on the thumb splints – both the big one (like you are giving away) and the one for the small joint has helped me decide to get them. I think it is awesome you are going to pass on the splint to someone who needs it. I don't want to be entered into the contest since my insurance will cover most of my ring splints.


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