Ultima Replenisher: PoTS Drink; Giveaway

Hi there, PoTSies! Here’s the 411 on the best alternative to Gatorade that I’ve found: Ultima Replenisher. (Remember, I did that post about PoTS drinks for the summer? One of my recipes called for Ultima.) I know I’ve talked up coconut water in the past, and I still am an avid coconut fan and consumer, but this stuff is even better than coconut water. Seriously.

I met the owner of the company and we talked about PoTS and how getting electrolytes was extremely important for a PoTSy. The company is born out of the Pacific Northwest, USA, and for me, that is as local as it gets. The company really is so kind and generous, they really aren’t doing this to just get money, they are doing it to change the way people think about getting their nutrients and staying hydrated. It is really a perfect product for someone with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, and so it was great to share with them and learn from them.

The great thing about Ultima, to me, is that it mimics what is found in natural, whole foods. The balances are spot on. And, there is no sugar. HUGE. Especially when comparing it to something like Gatorade which has high-fructose corn syrup in it. This uses stevia as a sweetener. Now, I am not a fan of stevia, at all, but you don’t get a funky stevia taste with this; it just tastes a lot like Kool-aid. By the way, if you aren’t familiar, stevia is a plant that has very sweet leaves and is used in health foods as a sugar alternative.

I tried Ultima Replenisher for two solid months and was thoroughly satisfied with the results, so much so, that I had to tell you all about it and I am now a repeat customer. I will buying this as a staple from here on out. I won’t be giving up my coconut water (which I use sparingly) or my sodium (we PoTSies need lots of it!), but this is a great way to get electrolytes and keep up the fluid intake –so vital for us. And, nope, as usual, I am not a paid spokesperson, I just like sharing what I find helpful.

Here’s the breakdown; notice that Ultima has 13 electrolytes and minerals:

Each serving contains vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, chloride, sodium, and potassium. A serving is one scoop or packet mixed with 8 ounces of water. I usually double the water though, just to make sure I am getting extra water and to keep it a little more cost effective. I will have 3 servings a day, with about 16 ounces of water in each, so that right there is 48 ounces of water I am taking in, plus the regular water I drink and my IV fluids through my port. Hydration is key in helping PoTS symptoms stay under control.

I would love to share with you, so I am giving away some samples of Ultima to two different people. I can’t afford to give you a ton, but I have some packets to spare. If you would like to try Ultima Replenisher, just enter the giveaway by subscribing to the site (upper right corner of this page) and by commenting below. If you already have subscribed, just let me know in the comments. I will pick two random winners and update this post on August 25th, 2014.
Where to buy Ultima Replenisher
You can purchase Ultima through their website or via Amazon through the LifeWithEDS store. The cheapest way, I have found, is to buy it through the Amazon link. You can purchase a 90-serving container for around $20. That gives you 3 servings a day for an entire month for around $20— much cheaper than 3 bottles a day of Gatorade or coconut water, with more electrolytes and minerals. Stretch it out and double the water, if you’d like, like I do. My favorite flavor is raspberry.

Update 8/25/14: WINNERS!

Cynthia and Fiddlin’ Dandi, you have both won samples of Ultima! Please contact me via the email form with your name and mailing info and I will get it out to you ASAP. Much love!

Hope you found this post helpful! Love and gentle hugs.


  1. cynthia uribe

    Hoping to get a sample. I'm already subscribed. I'd like a sample, and will even pay you for a couple of them and the postage if needed. I have many digestive issues and simply can't take so many things. I have a cupboard full of supplements and like most of us, just can't afford to keep trying things. Thanks for this opportunity and love your blog and all I've learned from it for the past few months.


  2. Lisa Simmons

    I'm already subscribed and would love to be added into the drawing. I'm very limited in what I can eat and drink (Gatorade is a huge no because of the corn) but this product looks great and safe for me. Id love to have a drink to get my electrolytes up as I currently have to use safe foods which can take all day to get going (potato for potassium, salt for sodium and tons of water, adding some fortified cereal or a cup of OJ if I can).


  3. Amy

    Hello, I'm subscribed, yay! A healthy drink mix sounds awesome–bottles and cans are so heavy, and then there are all the empties to lug to the recycling center–which add up when you are hydrating like crazy. Still a big fan of the coconut water in spite of that. Sometimes I also do a homemade Gatorade–50/50 juice and water with added sea salt.


  4. Stacy

    I'm already a subscriber too! 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing Ultima to my attention. While I would LUV to win the giveaway, I will certainly be checking it out. I cannot tolerate Gatorade or coconut water and have a terrible time staying hydrated (I'm dehydrated now. Not good) It seems Ultima has the potential to keep me out of the hospital! Thank you again for the review and chance to win ❤


  5. Unknown

    from the looks of it, thank you for being a smart (and nerdy as i am) POTSer! i am anxious to try your recommendation!i am also a nephrologist, so i am always trying to explain that without salt your kidneys cannot hold onto water, so electrolyte solutions >>> gatorade and other supermarket sorts drinks. and you can tell if kidneys and hydration doing well if urine dark yellow in AM after not drinking at night, but clear as water by afternoon. if clear in AM you have had too much water and washed out your concentrating gradient and need to re-evaluate and talk to your doc about how to re-balance your natural resources = normal kidney functioni do have two important caveats:1) coconut water is great hydration but has an out-of-proportion ton of potassium so you need to know (thru yearly routine screening labs from your PCP) that you have normal kidney function or it could be dangerous to lethal;2) when reading ingredients, look for salt and not just total electrolyte content, so i look forward to seeing your chart with mg or mEq of salt/oz! V8 juice has the most, then pedialyte, and i understand people have varied sensitivities, so water is ok as long as you are eating diorites at the same time ;-)merci! niki


  6. Noelle

    Thank you for posting this info. I bought some from Amazon and have been VERY pleased to have a Gatorade alternative with a more natural sweetener. Unlike Gatorade, I end up supplementing an extra pinch of sea salt when I drink only Ultima (apparently I really need that sodium), but that's easily remedied. I'm also a fan of the high potassium content; my blood always tests low for potassium & the prescribed pills made me so nauseated.Anyway, again – thank you for sharing!


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