My Six Cutting-Edge Hand and Arm Surgeries

NOTE: An update to this post is available here.

This year I had six cutting-edge surgeries done on my right hand and arm, all at the same time, by the ever-amazing and wonderfully talented Dr. William B. Ericson of Seattle, WA, USA.

The surgeries I had are listed below:

  1. Right thumb CMC Joint Arthroplasty with FCR tendon transfer
  2. Lateral Humeral Epicondylectomy
  3. Carpectomy of the pisiform
  4. Neurolysis of proximal medial and radial nerves
  5. Tenotomy of pronator teres and common extensor fascia
  6. Capsulodesis of the wrist

To explain what these are and why I needed them, please watch the video below. Bear with the length, these surgeries are complex and I am trying my best to explain them in a way everyone can understand:

Dr. Ericson’s chart is available for viewing in larger format here.

Dr. Ericson’s paper on dual oblique incisions for proximal median nerve entrapment is available for viewing in larger format here.

Photos of arm and hand a couple days after surgery (mind you, I look all healed now):

Dr. William B. Ericson
The Ericson Hand and Nerve Center 
6100 219th Street SW, Ste 540
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
Phone: (425) 776-4444
Fax: (425) 272-2730

From EDNF:

Dr. Ericson is an award winning orthopedic hand surgeon with a special interest in painful conditions that do not show on standard diagnostic tests, including joint instability and peripheral nerve problems. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from MIT with a thesis on collagen and elastin, and then graduated from Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in orthopedic surgery and hand surgery, and is in private practice in the Seattle area, with a large number of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients in his practice. He has developed a unique and highly successful approach to treating upper extremity pain and weakness in this patient population.

Dr. Ericson belongs over 20 specialty societies and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and a Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons, who awarded him the Jules Tinel MD Award in 2009 for his work in this area. He was the Chief of Hand Surgery at Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA from 1994 until 2005, and he is a past-President of the Massachusetts Orthopedic Association.



  1. Anonymous

    I had 10 surgeries on my left arm all one time BY DR. Ericson in March of 2014. I have EDS and took over 40 years for a correct diagnosis. My left thumb was completely dislocated and mostly detached from my hand. Dr. Ericson is extremely knowledgeable, shows great concern for your overall health and well being, and he worked with my other Dr.'s and has referred me to other Dr.'s who work with EDSers. I highly recommend Dr. Ericson for anyone with hand, wrist, arm issues.


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dani:) I'm writing because I'm having the thumb arthroplasty & some other surgeries soon with Dr. Ericson soon. I am really looking forward to it, and a little scared. Wondering how the post-surgery pain, particularly in the thumb, progressed for you? It sounds like you had pain several weeks later. If you had problems using pens/pencils/paintbrushes and the computer keyboard before (I do.) can you use them better, for longer, &/or with less pain now? Any advice for the healing period?Thanks for your blog! It has really helped me. I probably would have been to afraid to visit Dr. Ericson without it, because surgery scares me, generally, and I…no longer like most doctors, lol. I went into Dr. Ericson's feeling so hopeful because of your post, and that's continued; he's AWESOME. Also, my family has really appreciated this post. It's enabled them to understand what's going on (and that's no easy feat!) without actually going to the doctor with me (which wasn't guaranteed to work, either!). My mom, in particular, felt you explained the surgeries very well. I appreciate that, because I'm not sure I could have, and it set her mind at ease:)


  3. Anonymous

    Also, if you're in WA state and get your health insurance from the exchange, as of my visit with Dr. Ericson today (5/27/15), he takes Premara's exchange plan (call to verify that with his office). So, if you need to plan ahead and change insurance to see him, keep that in mind.


  4. SeattleGrrrl

    Greeting, Everyone. I'm wondering how everyone who has had surgeries with Dr. Ericson have improved? Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  5. Aubrey

    I had numerous surgeries with Dr Ericson last year. I have EDS, and he is the first to properly diagnose it. All of my surgeries healed AMAZINGLY well, and have given greater function and much less, to no, pain. Through no fault of his, my thumb subluxated again (first he has seen in all his years), so I will be having another surgery next month. Dr E is a very knowledgeable, thorough, caring, and genuine doctor. I am not at all afraid of what the results hold. I am excited for it to be fixed, (hopefully my body cooperates). Fantastic blog!


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