Let the Walker Do the Laundry!

Let the walker do what? Well, it would be nice if a walker could actually do laundry, but instead the walker can help you get laundry from point A to point B. A walker can also help you walk and keep your balance, help you after a surgery, or help you sit while you are waiting in line or are at an event like a concert if you don’t have a wheelchair with you. Walkers rock my socks.

I have tried several different kinds and I landed on the one I am sharing with you because I like how lightweight it is. I can fold it up and pick it up and carry it myself — there are some out there I can’t even fold up myself, let alone carry. This one weighs around 10 pounds. I also like the brakes on this model, they work well. There are four wheels instead of two, which for me is important because I can’t pick the back end up as I walk. There is a nice sized cloth basket on the bottom that is detachable. And, the back rest is padded, so it’s comfortable if you use it as a chair.

Lastly, the walker is amazing at carrying things around. If you remove the backrest, a laundry basket fits in it perfectly. You, therefore, can transport your laundry from room to room, or even use it to carry heavy things like books, or use it walk your groceries in from the car. It is very handy to have a walker that doubles as a cart.
You can purchase this model, the Freedom Rollator, via Amazon through the LifeWithEDS store.
Happy walking!


  1. MG Ellington

    Thank you so much. We take my son to an autonomnic clinic on Tuesday. He is now being looked at for POTS. I've followed your bloc for some time now. I appreciate all you share. It has made a difference for me.


  2. Danny Diaz

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