My Natural Remedy for Mild & Moderate Headaches

I get some wicked headaches and migraines, and I have different treatments for each. For my migraines, I use my Imitrex injections (which I have confirmed with Dr. Tinkle and Dr. Francomano that the Imitrex is safe for EDSers), for really bad headaches I use my harder Rx drugs, but for mild to moderate headaches I try a much more natural approach. I absolutely love this combination. I leave it on until the ice packs are no longer cold. Kicks it most every time. Sometimes, I even try this first for other types of headaches, but then I move on to other treatments if this isn’t enough.

For mild to moderate headaches, there are four steps I follow:

  1. Rub white flower oil on your forehead, temples and behind your ears
  2. Put cold face mask on your head
  3. Put one ice pack behind head, at the base of neck/head, and one on top of head if you need an extra bit of relief. I find the one at the base of the skull to be the more essential of the two.
  4. Optional: I take 2 Ibuprofens (Advil) if it’s bordering on moderate/severe
To purchase any of these items, click on the links (via Amazon thru LifeWithEDS store):


  1. Joshua David

    Hi Dani,Have you tried using homeopathic salts? I have EDS and sometimes my muscle spasms make life really difficult. I'm a 6'3\” 200 lb guy. So, when I start shaking I'm very noticeable. I basically feel like I have to go hide in a corner with my shaking self!Anyway, I have researched the hell out of my problem and it turns out that one of the genes of EDS also has been shown to make it really hard for us EDSers to absorb magnesium and folates (B12 is a big one). I tried supplementing with magnesium even drinking magnesium citrate. That helped with most of my spasms but it didn't take away the deep aches that I could only seem to treat with heat.I found a magnesium salt, \”Mag Phos\”, that took away the aches and also opened up my magnesium metabolism. I feel a lot better now. You can get it on amazon this helps you and anyone else reading here. Stay strong and don't forget to love yourself. You are a wonderful, soft, stretchy person! 😉


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