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With this, you lay on your back and your spine goes on the yellow lines. It helps align your spine. I love mine!

Refills for Center of Gravity Pen

My favorite pen for everyday use! The Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Pen by Pilot.

I really enjoyed this book from Dr. Tinkle!.

Show your fierceness on your phone!

These aren’t my fave, but some people absolutely love them! A different type of pen for EDS hands…

I used these Salt Pills at the conference I went to and they saved me. Phew! Potsies, definitely a good thing to try!

These are an awsesome fast electrolyte replacement! POTS!

What a great way to track your pain!

This is a lifesaver for me! It really saves my hips and knees!

This is a Theracane, a great back massager and pressure point massager! I got mine at PT but I would buy one here if I didn’t already have one! SO GOOD!

I have one of these and it’s great to be able to have everything I need at the bedside while I am having a rough day in bed.

Ultralight wheelchair.

Ergonomic ultralight wheelchair.

This is one of the most wonderful books I’ve read on bipolar disorder. Raw, gritty, and an echo of my early twenties. If you have the Dx, it’s a worthwhile read, for sure!

I have tried so many heating pads in my life that it’s ridiculous. I should get paid to do it! Ha! This is THE BEST heating pad, hands down, out of all of them. It is moist heat which travels deeper into the body to relieve pain, it is huge so it covers a very large surface area, the temp goes up to 166 degrees Farenheit so it is always warm enough, and it stays on for an hour if you set it for that. Nice!

This is a wonderful seat cushion for those that have coccydynia or other coccyx (tailbone) problems. It also helps you sit a litter “taller” so your posture overall is better, A very comfy cushion, indeed!

Ultima is a zero calorie, zero sugar yummy electrolyte replacement drink. I love throwing a scoop in my water bottle before I leave the house when I know i will have a busy day, like a heavy errand day, as it always helps me feel a little better. There’s a handful of flavors available, as well.

For those with foot problems, these are GREAT inserts. They are a bit hard, but are meant to be that way, so give them a few weeks of wearing everyday before you judge them. They help align your hips, knees, back, and ankles. GET THE GREEN ONLY. The other ones are not for what we need, says my doc.

Haha! These shoes are hilarious! Okay, so, I am not asking you to purchase these ones for real, I am just putting out there that the brand DANSKO is the best for women’s shoes for people with EDS and any foot problems. I have seen so many docs that point me to them. I now have a giant collection, like 10 pairs! They fit a bit loose on the back, they ARE supposed to. They hurt for the first few weeks; THAT’S NORMAL. But, then, they are AMAZING! They keep your plantar fasciitis at bay, keep bunions from hurtings, keep your feet from having pressure sores. Check all over eBay and Amazon for cute ones and good prices. That average is $100 a pair. They are leather but make a vegan line, too, found on eBay.

If you are like me, your memory is a bit lacking, and you have a hard time recalling things you saved in your mind to think of later. How many times have you been in the shower and had a great thought, only to forget it my the time you’re towelling off?! Well: solution! This is waterproof paper and pencil with suction cups for the shower. I own them and swear by them! Our memories may be going, but our thoughts now won’t!

It’s always great to have a a back-up cane, and this one is even better because it folds up to a small foot maybe…If you have a larger purse, it will fit in there. I have this exact cane and I love it as a backup for when I don’t have my regular canes or have forgotten them. Seek folding canes…super good find!

And, a black version!

You know that feeling, the one that is like a Charlie Horse in your foot from Plantar Faciitis or the tenderness/stiffness associated with Achilles Tendinitis. This simple but cool device stretches the foot (must use with shoes!) and gets everything to calm back down (at least, for me, that’s the case!). Simplicity FTW!

This is a cool little nubby ball that you can run along the tense and tender parts of your foot while it’s spasming! Cheap, simple, helpful!

This is a very special children’s book written about service dogs trained by Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), which is the organization I got Kailee through! Teaches kids the importance or service dogs, why we can’t run up and touch someone’s service dog, etc. If you have children and have or plan on getting a service dog, this book is for you!

If you have a service dog, this is an awesome breathable, portable kennel. I use it as my everyday one. Kailee seems to like it better, and I can lift it up to move it to clean it and clean around it if I need to.

If you have neck problems, this is a GREAT soft collar. My doc’s even recommened I sleep in my soft collar so I don’t subluxate stuff while I sleep.

I get pressure sores on my toes and heels from the blanket being too heavy on my feet while I sleep. Crazy, right?! Well, that’s the life of an EDSer! So, this device holds the bedding up off of my feet while I sleep. Nice!

If you sit in a shower chair to bathe, you definitley need a handheld shower head, This is both, and it’s awesomesauce.. I love this; have it in both of my bathrooms. Bonus, the handheld part can also be used to clean your service dog.

Since we usually have a hard time regulating our body temperature, it’s always great to have a blanket close by,. Now, in the car, you can have a heated one! You just use the car’s cigarette lighter and plug in the blanket and your ride will be blazin’!

TENS unit FTW! A tens unit is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device that sends small electrical currents to targeted body parts to relieve pain. Mine is awesome and I love using it on my back for the nagging crunching pain that I get.

These are the electrodes you need for the TENS unit. They are pre-gelled so you don’t need to mess with sticky gels. They each can be re-used about 4 times. I found the most awesome and economical ones for you to purchase.

Since insurance companies decided to stop paying for 5% Lidocaine patches, for the most part, the best choice now are these Salonpas 4% patches. They are expensive, beware, but there are over 50 patches here. You can use up to three total at a time on your body. They really help my back pain. Not super great, like the prescription gels and stuff, but they totally take the edge off so I can concentrate on things. Worth every penny,

We EDSers all have those days where we just can’t function normally. And, normally is definitely relative. But, the days we can’t shower, we usually end up doing nothing (gross!) or taking a sponge bath (as my Grams would call it!). This is the better alternative. I have them, and can attest to them being wonderful. I bought a giant box of them after my kidney surgery. I still use them on off days. They are antibacterial (which normally I don’t use, but on these I do), thick like a cloth, wet, and smell-good. Scrub-a-dub-dub folks!

I love my Omron heart/blood pressure checker-upper-thing. The cuff is easy to use, fits many size wrists, and best of all—-it can upload all of your things, like your heart rates,you PoTSIES!, onto your computer and you can print the totals out and take to your doctor!

I have a lot of problems with my tailbone so this is a godsend. I use my tailbone cushion and then put this on top of it when I drive and it plugs into your car and gets pretty warm. Helps me not notice the pain of driving so much.

As you know, I love PURPLE Products, and I am not a paid spokesperson. I LOVE them. This is a seat cushion. I use the Royal cushion in my wheelchair, or anywhere I am sitting. Especially if I will be sitting there for a long period of time. Each seat in my van has a Royal cushion in it.

This is a Purple back rest. It really helps with posture and pain relief.

A simple shower seat can make the difference between a good and a bad shower experience. Sitting helps SOOO much!

This stool cane is really cool. First, you can you use it as a cane. Next, if you encounter a large line, you can open it up and sit so you don’t pass out in line. Third, I give it to my person when I do something like a concert. If I am in my wheelchair, I can’t talk to my person at a concert; too loud and too many people. So, my person can sit on the seat and then I have someone at my level to hang with me and we can still have conversations. Fun!!!

These crutches are similiar to what I have, a Smart Crutch. The most important thing about using a cane, IMO, is that it protects and takes pressure off your wrist and hand and puts it on your forearm, which can handle a lot more weight. These look really awesoeme. This is the lower priced model.

THIS ROCKS!!! I can use my walker for so many things, including rolling my laundry through the house (or rolling anything else I can’t carrry), going on outings, walking the dogs, I love that it has a bag to carry my stuff…This is my favorite walker. I looked at a lot of before I purchased it, and I am happy with my purchase. I picked the smokey blue one though!

This is for ALL BODYPROX products. They are more affordable than my fave products for bracing, Bauerfeind. Bauerfeind is also hard to get insurance to cover. These, on Amazon, are my backup pick! πŸ™‚

BAUERFEIND!!!! The BEST bracing products on the market. They do bracing for the Olympics, so you know they must be good. Insurance usually won’t cover them and they are pricey, but I am telling you, they are worth saving up for. Check out the full line that Amazon carries at the link above.

Those of you who take medicines, which I am sure if most of you, need to keep them safe. This especially goes for those taking narcotics or Buprenorphine, etc. This is not that expensive, and it’s way cheaper and easier than losing meds or having them stolen and dealing with withdrawal symptoms and the like.

For those of you who like essential oils, this is basically Thieves, just with lemon and orange oil switched. It’s sooo much cheaper and I still find it works. I love it when I am sick. I slather it on my feet and put on socks.

Edema booties/slippers for women are fantastic for EDSers! So, I am dealing with problems at night with pressure sores. My doc advised me to get these and sleep in them,. Ever since, I have been fine, ONE night I forgot, and guess what? Pressure sore on my heel! These are extra wide, and very comfy slippers. And, if you have swollen feet, they will fit nicely in here! πŸ™‚

BioFreeze, the beloved gel of chiropractors and EDSers! πŸ™‚

A lovely soak in an epsom salt bath, magnesium soaking into your skin….Yummy!!

Lots of EDSers find these full U Body Pillows are the perfect support for sleeping and resting.

BackJoy seat cushion: this is the one to help back pain and sciatic pain!

BackJoy seat cushion: this is the one to help back pain and tailbone pain!

So many people swear by Arnica gel, and this is one that is really popular. Natural pain relief.

These wonderful neck pillows are super great for travel, but even better for sleep, according to a few articles I have read where EDSers give their opinion….I can’t wait to try one!

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Freedom Slip Resistant Fuchsia Leather Tennis Shoe

WWWWWWWWWHOA!!!! We no longer have to wear the ugly compression stockings of the past! Check out these adorable knee high ones!

Some people prefer this gel to Arnicare gel…..I’ve only had experience with Arnicare, but once I’ve tried this I will let you know!

This is a doorbell with a video monitor on it. It works with Amazon/Alexa. Great for those who are not so able bodied and need to be in bed on the other side of the house. This way, there isn’t getting up unless it is necessary.

Oval-8 Ring Splints are a cheaper version/starter version of the more expensive Silver Ring Splints. They help finger joints that are loose and/or painful. THESE ARE SIZE 2, 3, 4!!!

Oval-8 Ring Splints are a cheaper version/starter version of the more expensive Silver Ring Splints. They help finger joints that are loose and/or painful. THESE ARE SIZE 4, 5, 6!!!

Oval-8 Ring Splints are a cheaper version/starter version of the more expensive Silver Ring Splints. They help finger joints that are loose and/or painful. THESE ARE SIZE 6, 7, 8!!!

Mmmmmm….Toasted Coconut! This wonderful version of Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo and let me tell you, as an EDSer, you probably know…we skip days on showering! This will definitley help your morning routine and your bed head hair!

Always wanted a zero-gravity massage chair? Now’s your chance! (Gosh, that looks heavenlh!)

Can’t afford the giant chair??? Try the chair add-on!

This weighted blanket is for an adult on a TWIN size bed. Glass beads. Weighted blankets help with sensory issues, and I find, anxiety and insomnia.

This weighted blanket is for an adult on a FULL size bed. Glass beads. Weighted blankets help with sensory issues, and I find, anxiety and insomnia

This weighted blanket is for an adult on a QUEEN size bed. Glass beads. Weighted blankets help with sensory issues, and I find, anxiety and insomnia

The largest weighted blanket on the market. This weighted blanket is for an adult on a KING size bed. Glass beads. Weighted blankets help with sensory issues, and I find, anxiety and insomnia

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable (6ft) iPhone Charger Apple MFi Certified, High-Speed USB Charge/Sync Cord Durable for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5s (White)6′ (foo) lightning cable cord for most devices —–Why is this in this list? Well, you could carry one in your purse always, because if you end up at the ER or Urgent Care, having one is a plus.

To be purchased with the lightning cable in this list! πŸ™‚

Never get stranded without a way to charge your phone. Whether it’s a simple doc visit or a hospiral stay, with this you’ll never be without.

In order to have enough lightning cables to charge my few devices, this seemed like the best and most reliable pack. One for the EDS go-bag, one for everyday use, one for the car, and one in the bedroom.Done!

Stuck in the ER or urgent care? This makes it a lot more fun!! πŸ™‚ Amazon Fire HD 10, 32 GB storage.

Unless you’re more of an Apple person, than this is more your game. πŸ™‚ Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) – Space Gray

Buy 4, Get 4 Free! Hot pads that are reusable. πŸ™‚ Handy dandy for any EDS Go-Bag!!

24 one-time use Ice Packs for pain and therapy.

Noise stimulation too much for you? Try some noise canceling headphones and your favorite MP3s. Great price, too!

Do you have a Mast Cell Disorder or even suspect that you do? Look into Zantac. Standard treatment usually involves really high doses of this. I am not a doc, don’t quote me on that. πŸ˜‰

Mast Cell Disorders needing the quick fix? Here’s the Benadryl for you! (Still not a doc, don’t quote me on these things!)

How handy would it be to hand the ER nurse a card that already had all the answers to the questions she was going to ask? What a win-win for you both. Plus it really helps if you have brain fog or memory issues!

Mystery grab bag Lularoe leggings — the best, softest leggings on the planet. Keep a pair of these in with your EDS Go-Bag stuff so that you have soft bottoms to wear in the hospital if you ever end up there! These are One Size Fits All.

Mystery grab bag Lularoe leggings — the best, softest leggings on the planet. Keep a pair of these in with your EDS Go-Bag stuff so that you have soft bottoms to wear in the hospital if you ever end up there! These are Tall and Curvy (Bigger than the One Size Fits All.) I wear a Tall and Curvy.

Need a snuggly critter for your EDS Go-Bag in case you end up in the hospital? Check out how cute this guy is!

I love having a four-part 7-day pill organizer! This one is a rainbow, too!