Click on any photo to enlarge. Also, it is important to note
that it damages our joints when we hyper-extend them. 

It is advised by most doctors to avoid doing any of the 

“party tricks” shown below. I have posted my photos 

for reference purposes
only. All photos are copyrighted. 
Easy bruising.
Hypermobile joints.

Floating patella (knee-cap).
Plastic “Oval-8” splints.
Hypermobile hands.
Hypermobile thumbs.
Typical bruising on legs.
Hypermobile toes.
Flat big toes.
Raised big toes.
Pre-Op gall bladder surgery 2009.

Post-Op gall bladder surgery – no tape and gauze – glue instead – genius!
Got NV to make May EDS Month in 2010.
Typical day in pain.
Silver Ring Splints.
Silver Ring Splints.
Meeting the amazing Dr. Brad Tinkle in 2010 at EDNF Conference.
Got OH to make May EDS Month in 2011.
Got NV to make May EDS Month in 2011.
I’m a goofball!
Excruciating pain in flank area (colored).
Doctors can’t find a cause or treatment yet.
Bruising from Trigger Point Injections in flank.
Trail Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) in 2011. Made flank pain worse.
Stim cords were inserted and fed up into my spinal column.


  1. Lori Newcomb

    I'm do sorry. Hopefully by now you have found out that playing a wind instrument and jumping at all for sports or otherwise are 2 of the hardest things for your body. People never understand. I would refuse to do anything that could make you worse bc what you do now you may pay for in osteoarthritis later.


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